Carolina’s perfect pancakes

lmao you and your obsession with my pancakes. Ya, you think if i open my own ihop i can be a gazillionaire and buy chanyeol and share him with the world and have chen sing every day in my restaurant and get krease to be everyone’s butler?

yeah carol. that sounds legit. you’re going to let me eat there for free, right?

#or else i will take chanyeol away

excuse u but u get a special room in mah ihop alright of course it will be free. There will be chenika nights on the weekend where you can sing all the afterschool songs with chen right. Then there will be this special sofa you see for you guys that has special coca cola dispensers. I will also have a special chenika pancake that will have “GURL I CARN’T ESPLAIN WAT I FEER” written on it. good idea amirite or amirite